Accounting services in estonia

We offer bookkeeping services tailored to your enterprise in accordance with the requirements of current accounting legislation

All-round bookkeeping services

  • Registration of vendors, payments and invoices
  • Reconciliation ofaccounts payable / receivable
  • Payroll processing
  • Calculation and declaration of VAT
  • Data submission to the Health Insurance Fund

Consultancy in tax and financial related matters

  • Making and submitting financial reports to authorities
  • Presentation of reports for the Statisctics Department (EKOMAR, Palk, Intrastat, etc.)
  • Annual financial statement preparation and submission as well as other necessary interim reporting

Development of internal accounting policies

  • Control and processing of primary documents
  • Drawing up a chart of accounts
  • Accounting of fixed assets
  • Storage of all your accounting data and documentation

15+ years of experience

  • Our extensive experience and solid knowledge guarantees precise tracking of your financial performance 
  • We operate on a contract base
  • Focus on managing your business - leave accounting to us!

CVOK Base prices

The price is based on the number of transactions in 1 month

1 entry = 1 primary document

The primary document is considered to be : an invoice to the buyer, a supplier’s invoice, cash reciepts and debit orders, and other activity required to confirm economic activity

Base prices

Additional services

    Base price contains:

  • Control and entry of primary documents into relevant registers
  • Settlements with debtors and creditors
  • Payroll calculations – up to 5 employees
  • Accounting for fixted assets – up to 50 units
  • Calculations for accountable persons
  • Cash settlements (cash payable and receivable reciepts, cash book maintenance)
  • Tax accounting (sales tax, income tax, social tax, etc.) preparation and submission of tax returns

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